Bulgari Replica Watches Grammy Awards 2016

Replica Watches Outlet — At the 58th Grammy Awards ceremony, singer Ellie Goulding and top model Bella Hadid, sparkled in Bulgari jewellery.


The singer Ellie Goulding, nominated for her song “Love Me Like You Do” and the American top model Bella Hadid, sparkled in Bulgari jewellery at the 58th Grammy Awards ceremony.

Ellie Goulding wore a Diva diamond-paved necklace with diamond earrings. To complete her look she wore a cushion-cut spinel ring and a Diva white gold diamond-paved ring.

Bella Hadid wore a high jewellery Serpenti bracelet with round brilliant-cut diamonds, Corona earrings and a black lizard skin leather clutch.


Ellie Goulding (left) & Bella Hadid (right). © Getty Images

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