Jaquet Droz Replica Watches Expansion to the Middle Kingdom

— In privileged relashionship with China, cheap Replica Jaquet Droz replica UK opens four news shops this year.

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The nine Jaquet Droz boutiques in China today are all imbued with the same spirit as their driving force: to perpetuate a shared history that spans several centuries. The dialog between the watchmaking firm and the illustrious country-continent began in the 18th century, under the initiative of Henri-Louis Jaquet-Droz, one of the firm’s founders, who had the idea of establishing a workshop that would produce predominantly for the Chinese market. These frequent exchanges created close and lasting bonds between China and the brand known by its twin stars. In 1783, Jaquet Droz became the first watchmaking brand to be admitted into the grounds of the Imperial Palace, where the Emperor Qianlong and his courtiers showed fascination at the originality of his creations.

True to its heritage, the brand has successfully preserved and cultivated this exceptional relationship. With desire to strengthen and promote these privileged ties, Jaquet Droz has inaugurated four new boutiques in 2015, covering three of the country’s major cities. The opening of a retail store in Beijing in May and a second location in July, along with the launch of a new location in the heart of Studio City in Macau, have sealed the beginning of a new era in the relationship between Jaquet Droz and China.
On November 12th of this year, a new showcase boutique opened its doors on West Nanjing Road, a prestigious address in the heart of Shanghai.

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The new boutique is outfitted with elegant showcases that present the various Jaquet Droz models as veritable works of art under carefully designed lighting.  Customers are immersed in a refined space with clean lines that play on the various tones of slate, in harmony with the minimalist scenography, true to the spirit of the brand. Several illustrations on the walls highlight the different arts and crafts that represent the pure expertise of the watchmaking firm.

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For the inauguration ceremony, Jaquet Droz had an artist from its Ateliers d’Art come especially to give attendees an exclusive demonstration of the infinite refinement of miniature painting on the dial.

The event was also marked by the presentation of the Grande Seconde Deadbeat, a masterpiece of watchmaking complications that has been subtly redesigned, with its seconds hand centered on the dial. Also featured at the opening was the Charming Bird, a feat of technical and artistic prowess distinguished  by its automaton in the form of a singing bird, which won an award in the “Mechanical Exception” category of the 2015 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. True to the Jaquet Droz aesthetic, these timepieces resonate with the culture of amazement and a love of tradition, two emblematic traits that unite the Swiss replica watchmaker and the Middle Kingdom.


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