Longines Replica Watches European Equestrian Federation

— Cheap Replica Longines UK and the European Equestrian Federation enter into partnership.


Longines and the European Equestrian Federation signed a partnership agreement in order to cooperate in the development and promotion of equestrian sports in Europe. As a result, the Swiss replica watches brand is the Official Partner and Fake Watch of the federation, as well as the Title Partner of the Longines EEF Rankings. Moreover, the brand supports the EEF’s program of mutual help between national and regional equestrian federations by becoming the Title Partner of the Longines Brotherhood Program. The EEF, has the mission to maximize the development of equestrianism throughout Europe. With the help of Longines, the EEF will be able to maximize the promotion of the values of equestrian sports such as fair sport, safe competitions and the welfare of its human and equine athletes.

Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President of Longines and Head of International Marketing, stated: “Being strongly committed to equestrian sports all over the world, as well as having a long lasting passion for them for more than a century, we are extremely delighted to be associated to the EEF. As the common values we share with these sports are part of our deep involvement in them, we thought it natural to support our new partner’s purpose, especially as regards to the values it aims at promoting in Europe, and of course the equestrian discipline in general.”

Hanfried Haring, President of the EEF, commented: “Longines, with its close relationship to equestrian sports, is a dream partner for the EEF, which will enable us to promote our sport to all stakeholders and organizations in Europe.”

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